4.10% for 7 Years Guaranteed*!

Better returns than traditional alternatives to make your money work harder!

Why settle for less? With a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity from some of the top life insurance companies, your money will work harder, guaranteed*! Get your free rate quote today!

3-Year Guaranteed* Rates

1.75% - 3.10% APY

5-Year Guaranteed* Rates

2.30% - 4.00% APY

7-Year Guaranteed* Rates

2.05% - 4.10% APY

We partner with the very best, top-rated insurance companies to give you the options, safety and freedom of choice you deserve! Request your free rate quote today to lock-in your high-yield, guaranteed* rate while they last!

Products offered by various insurance carriers including:

  • High-Yield, Tax-Deferred Interest Rates
  • Up to 7 Years of Compound Interest
  • No Risk of Losing Principal Due to the Market
  • Guaranteed* Annual Returns
  • Backed By Top Rated Insurance Companies
  • No Annual Fees

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MYGAs can provide guranteed* high-yield, tax-deferred growth for the entire duration of their contract term, most commonly ranging from 3 to 7 years. MYGAs typically offer better interest rates with multiple other benefits not typically found in tradtional savings alternatives.

Additional benefits of MYGAs vs Traditional Alternatives:

  • Tax-Deferred Growth
  • Higher Guaranteed* Returns
  • Partial Liquidity Before Term Date
  • Life Insurance/Death Benefits
  • Inheritance - Pass along to heirs bypassing probate

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